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In Malaysia


Why Us?

We Own the Forest, Too.

We trust our raw materials to only one forest plantation — our own. we take great care of the forest so we can get the best cuts of wood in each harvest and turn them into the doors you love so much.
We’re also proud to be the first private company in Malaysia and Sarawak to get a forest timber license (FTL). We work hard to ensure our forest management’s compliance with the guidelines set out by the Malaysian Timber Certificate Council, so that you get to be on the receiving end of the
best quality doors in Malaysia for as long as we operate.

Experienced Door Manufacturer

Since our door manufacturing establishment in 1996, we’ve progressed to form a joint-venture for the manufacturing and distribution of doors with Masonite International Corp., a US building products company. By leveraging our vast distribution networks, you can find our doors at the buildings and homes of satisfied clients in Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Maldives and Brunei.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Through a combination of Japan and US door-design technology, we are able to achieve a breakthrough generation of doors which you now known as High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) doors. These doors begin life as a 40mm-thick piece of HDF which is then compressed to a solid 3mm, making it one of the strongest, durable doors in the market that can withstand the harshest weathers.

We Never Waste Natural Resources

After the best cuts of wood have been extracted from the trees, what’s left is something called hardwood residues. While most manufacturers let them go to waste, we seize this opportunity to turn what many consider as a waste product into an avenue to fortify our doors by strategically integrating these residues into our manufacturing. At the same time, we get to do our part in saving the precious resources Mother Earth has gifted us.

Qualified Door DESIGNER, Trusted by the Industry.

If you looked into our history, you would come across a long-running list of certifications that qualify us to be a door manufacturer. But if you asked any of our employees what makes us qualified, they would say “A track record of numerous happy clients and near zero callbacks in the 25 years we have been running.”

We Customize to Your Needs

You want your doors designed in a special way. Our goal is to fulfill your unique order requirements while staying in tune with that ‘special way’. By working with us, you’ll see your wildest ideas come to life no matter the design or structure. It’s also worth noting that we never compromise on quality as your needs change. You can expect consistent standards and design flexibility from us.

Top-Tier Customer Service

At Samling, you are never a number in our books. You are our biggest client whether you are a regular or a first-timer — and you will be treated as such. Our employees are ready to serve you, answer all your questions, and provide an after-sales service parallel to none.

One Place for All Your Needs

Who knew that getting a door installed is such a tedious process? That’s why we decided to cover everything from consultation, product selection, site measurement, delivery and installations. Benefit from a fully-integrated shopping experience that ensures your orders are fulfilled faster, easier, and more affordably than what’s possible before.

We Are Certified Professionals.

Among the many door manufacturing companies that call themselves ‘professionals’,
we constitute the top 10% who are truly certified professionals.